Direct Payday Loan Lenders

11/07/2012 22:54


I made up my mind and I am going to get 1 hour loans no credit check but before I push with this transaction I just feel that I need to hear from other borrowers who have tried this loan deal. I was given 5% interest rate and I want to know if this is expensive interest rate or if I was given a reasonable interest rate. I want to get the best loan deal I can get because if there's another loan company or a lender who offers cheaper interest rate I would rather transact with them. I know that you understand my situation I am just really interested with 1 hour loans no credit check and anybody who is cash strapped will fully understand my situation right now. Since slow economy began I have been very careful with my finances and I go depths to get the best deals with almost about everything. Some of my friends find this strange but I say that it's just being wiser.


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