Direct Lenders Are Greedy

03/07/2012 15:47


Did you hear the news that there will be direct lenders stationed in our town? I was so happy to hear this all this morning and I hope that lenders are here to stay so that we don't need to go far whenever we need fast cash. I try to look from the viewpoint of a lender and I see that lending business is a really lucrative business. That's why I might consider being a lender too when I retire. I can't be sure yet but I am thinking of it. It's not true that direct lenders are all greedy, that's just some stereotype thing that people say about them all because they can't live the life of a lender. Isn't being a lender a perfect job? You are your own boss and you are your own rules. What's not to love with that? I am sure that many of us wants that status in life too.


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