1 Hour Payday Loans

11/06/2012 09:08

Getting a loan the same day payday loans you applied for it was an unthinkable task a few years back. With traditional banks, this is near impossible because they take so long to check your credit worthiness and financial stability etc. Before a loan is approved. With the same day payday loans however, you don't have to worry about any of these things not even your credit score because the only thing the lender is concerned about is the borrower being a citizen, 18 years of age and having steady employment that brings him at least $1000 monthly. With these criteria in place, applying for a payday loan is a piece of cake where you receive approval within minutes while the loan money is deposited in your checking account the same day.

Even having to pay higher rates of interest does not stop people from availing this loan because of the speed in which you can get the money. The best part is that you get at least 15-30 days to settle your debt which no doubt can be easily done with your next paycheck.official website